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Silk Face Mask With Carbon Filter

FMWF001 In Stock (98)
R60,00 - 11%


Premium Face Mask in 19mm Mulberry Silk , fitted with a pocket for 5 Layer Carbon Filter

Benefits :


- Anti - Bacterial  - this valuable function helps prevent bacteria   build and therefore no skin irritation .Can be worn all day without any discomfort. 

- Anti - Microbial -protects naturally against pathogens 

- Silk is Scientifcally proven to be the most effective fabric protection against pathogens 

- 5 Layer Carbon included , and fits in a pocket inside face mask 

- Soft corded elastic with gentle toggle to adjust 

- Secure fit with no gaps around nose and mouth 

- nose guard to secure and adjust to fit snugly

The ultimate silk gift that keeps on giving .

Reviews (1)

Cape Town, Western Cape
August 10, 2020
These quality silks masks are incredibly comfortable for day-long wear. Easily washable, with replaceable filters ensure the best protection.

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