Why choose Silk

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand“, Oscar de la Renta

We know that silk has been the preferred  fabric of couture designers for years, and is rated as the most expensive and superior fabric, it distinguishes any design one can imagine into the extraordinary and a masterpiece. 

But why is it so special and should one really invest in silk? The answer lies in its intrinsic quality and health benefits and its luxurious sensuous feel. 

As a Fashion Designer and Textile Designer, I thought the best way to illustrate the use of silk would be to offer a guide to using silk fabric. 

A Fashion Designers Guide to Mulberry Silk 

Silk Charmeuse

Let’s start with Mulberry Silk Satin or often referred to as Charmeuse. Mulberry Silk Satin is the superstar of silk and most famously used for silk scarves, sleepwear, bedding, couture gowns and my very specially designed Silk Face Masks.

This is the Silk we all know and desire. It’s spectacular, it flows and drapes, hugs the body and exudes a lustre. We love this silk because it feels delicate to the touch and ensures that the wearer feels like royalty.

How to use Mulberry Silk Twill?

Silk Twill is less famous but still very popular, once I introduce this one to  my clients, they simply fall in love with it.  It is soft to the touch, yet less shiny. 

This is the twill weave, which is somewhat more structured and holds shape more fervently, yet drapes, billows and drapes depending on the weight used. 

We often recommend silk twill used for silk scarves, and we were honoured to be selected to make the William Kentridge Silk Twill scarf for the Zeitz Mocca.

How to use Silk Chiffon?

The elusiveness of silk chiffon is its charming feature, we envisage layers of silk chiffon to create texture and drama. Silk chiffon is sheer but still has a wow factor. 

Depending on the silhouette used, pretty dresses with frills or ruffles could make for a spectacular Summer collection 

How to use Silk Georgette?

Silk Georgette is a favourite and equally as beloved as our silk chiffon. The difference being that the silk georgette is bouncy and somewhat more weighty due to its construction. 

Silk Georgette is my go-to fabric for ready to wear blouses, tunics and sensual dresses, matching petticoats - oh lets bring vintage petticoats back!

Silk Bedding & Sleepwear

Finally, my new favourite is sleeping with silk. I am concluding with this as there are some extraordinary benefits of this magical fabric. 

Silk really does improve sleep 

There is a reason for a move towards silk, especially for bedding. The experience of sleeping on silk allows for ease with sleep because it relaxes the body, regulates body temperature and the softness of the silk lulls the nervous system and  the body into relaxation allowing for a good nights rest. 

In Ancient China, Silk Fabric was used to alleviate pain. Finally the crown favourite to silk pillowcases are the beauty benefits which assists in  reducing  the visible signs of ageing by reducing loss of moisture and subsequently repairs dry damaged skin, allowing you to awake to a hydrated skin.

The Benefits of Silk

  • Health benefits: Silk can improve health, one is healed  with nourished sleep ; hypoallergenic and relieves sensitive skin. For example: eczema 
  • Beauty Benefits: Visual splendour of silk has captivated designers for years, it magically shimmers and dances as one moves. 
  • Longevity: Silk is the strongest fibre available, and the weave construction will determine its strength. The wash and care will also determine its longevity. Please refer to care instructions. 
  • Non toxic dyes used in our silk in alignment with the value that silk offers   ensuring that the Mulberry silk remains healing and beneficial. 
Benefits Of Silk Face Mask 

Benefits Of Silk Face Mask 

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Silk: More Than Just a Fabric

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How Silk Can Change The Way You Sleep Forever

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