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Luxurious Silk Face Masks - Comfortable Effective Protection

To combat the shortage of face masks in our country and as a means to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa, I now have 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Face Masks available for sale from our online shop.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic still lingers uncomfortably in the air, people of South Africa are facing a frightening shortage of personal protection equipment.

Silk masks Cape Town

Silk masks Cape Town

Mulberry Silk Masks to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease

The fact there is a major shortage of face masks in South Africa is not our only concern. Masks which are available should be supplied to healthcare professionals as a priority as they are in the front-line of this microbial battle.

Furthermore, most of the masks worn by civilians are disposable; they can only be used once, for a short period of time before they are to be destroyed. However, instead of being destroyed, they are landing up on our streets, causing unnecessary pollution while increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

face masks Cape Town

face masks Cape Town

Does Silk Have Antimicrobial Properties?

Mulberry silk is a natural fibre which is extremely strong, flexible as well as biodegradable. This amazing fibre has been used in the healthcare industry to make medical implants, replacement tissues and surgical sutures.

In addition, this natural fibre which is spewed from the salivary glands of silkworm caterpillars, has been used to create protective cages for molecules which are sensitive to changes in the environment such as temperature and humidity.

By nature, mulberry silk has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and odour repellent properties. Furthermore, silk masks are breathable, comfortable to wear and adjusts to one’s body temperature while fitting snuggly over the nose and mouth. These features make these masks comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

masks Cape Town

masks Cape Town

Another important benefit to note is that these silk masks are reusable. This means that they can be hand washed and used again.

For extra measures against the virus, we have included a pocket in each silk mask into which a carbon filter can fit. These are certified, replaceable 5 layer carbon filters. The same filters are used in surgical masks.

silk face mask filter

Custom Designed Mulberry Silk Masks

We have two types of silk masks available:

  • Silk Face Masks with no filter

The fabric is made of 19mm Mulberry silk, is double layered with an adjustable strap and soft metal strip to effectively seal the area at top of nose. Available in 5 colours

  • Silk Face Masks with carbon filter

19mm Mulberry silk with an additional pocket within the mask for the 5-layer carbon filter to fit. It has an adjustable strap and a soft metal strip to seal the area at the top of the nose. This mask comes with one 5-layer carbon filter and is available in 5 different colours.

face masks Cape Town

masks Cape Town

Yasmin Barsch – For the Love of Silk

As we face an uncertain future beyond this global pandemic, it has become clear that change is not only inevitable but also necessary.

Part of this change includes the way we interact with the world around us, and how we take care of the environment.

By supporting local businesses, reducing single-use consumption and improving our personal sustainable and hygiene practices, we can create a better future for all.

Our silk masks aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other life threatening, infectious disease without leaving a trace.

If would like more information about the benefits of silk masks, or to place your order, please feel free to contact me.

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