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Silk: More Than Just a Fabric

Smooth, soft, elegant, and delicate are just some of the words associated with silk. It symbolizes luxury, wealth, and poise, but there’s more to this premium fabric material. 

Aside from being the best material for clothing, home goods, and accessories, using silk can help people with sensitive skin. But before we dig in as to how it’s helpful to people with specific skin conditions, let us first begin with where does silk came from and why it’s considered as a superior product.

Silk Origin and Supremacy

Silk thread is created from the cocoon of silkworms. These caterpillars secrete liquid raw silk from the mouth to build a casing. This liquid hardens once exposed to air resulting in a cocoon. 

Silk Cocoons

The thread from a single cocoon is so thin that at least 30 to 50 cocoons are needed to produce a single usable thread of silk. Due to its fineness, gentle work is needed to ensure quality, and this time-consuming process combined with the vulnerability of the silk thread to temperature and dye makes it a premium fabric material to produce.

Now, we have mentioned that silk offers health benefits. To be more specific, wearing silk provides benefits to wearers who have skin allergies, eczema, and other sensitive skin conditions due to its hypoallergenic properties, thanks to the natural fibres produced by silkworms.

Some might say that other fabric materials are also good for people with sensitive skin, but it’s important to note that not all fabric materials are created equally. That is why natural silk is still the best bet over polyester.

Silk Fabrics in Comparison

Chiffon and Georgette

Chiffon and Georgette are both types of fabrics that can be created from silk threads. Chiffon is known for being lightweight and flowing while Georgette is known for durability, despite being lightweight because of the twisted yarn it is made of. 

Though the creation process is the same for the two, the twists give Georgette a crinkly and less sheer look. 

Because of their respective characteristics, Chiffon fabric is perfect for clothing with draping and muted colors. It is often used in multiple layers to compensate for its sheerness. 

Meanwhile, Georgette, being a little stronger than chiffon, is preferred by many shoppers for it has the softness of Chiffon but does not show pin marks, which allows them to be more experimental with the design but can still get the soft and flowing character. 

Both chiffon and georgette can keep the wearer cool and can be easily mistaken for the eyes of inexperienced people.

Silk Satin and Silk Twill 

Let us first clarify things. Silk is the material while satin and twill are weave patterns. You can see other satin and twill fabric in the market but they might not be all created from silk. 

Now, let’s differentiate the two – satin and twill. In layman’s terms, twill weave interlaces threads many more times than in satin, making the yarns in twill tightly packed. This translates to stronger and thicker qualities. On the other hand, yarns in satin interlace less giving it a smooth and shiny appearance.

Now that you are equipped with the history and some helpful bits when it comes to silk fabric, you are now ready to shop. 

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