Design and Create your own Silk Scarf

Imagine you could create your very own scarf by taking a photograph or a piece of artwork and printing the design onto an exquisite piece of silk fabric. Imagine the possibilities!

For the love of Silk offers this amazing service.

Below we have explored the steps to follow in order to receive your first Silk Scarf Collection.

Steps to Creating your own Silk Scarf

1. Consultation Time

Stop by our silk fabric shop and showroom for a consultation and assess which Silk Fabric would best suit your print. Our consultation will also help determine which size fabric is best for the artwork you have in mind.

2. Artwork ready for Print

Once you have your artwork prepared for print, it can be sent to us via We Transfer - ideally as an:

  • AI /
  • JPG/
  • PSD/
  • or PDF File over 300 dpi.

3. Print and Silk Samples

From there, we will create samples to establish that you are happy with the way the digital printing reacts to a particular weight and weave of the silk you have chosen.

4. Selecting a Hand/Machine Hem for your Scarf

We offer a hand roll hem, as well as machine roll hem which is included in the pricing structure.

No Minimum Order

One scarf, two scarfs, three scarfs, four?

There is no minimum order, making this the perfect gift for a loved one. Bring your children’s drawings to life by having them printed onto silk.

Cost Effective Options

As cost-effective alternatives to 100% silk, we offer silk blends for digital printing such as silk cotton, silk linen voile, silk viscose.

Delivery Time

Depending on the size of your order, delivery time is typically 1 month.

Recommended Silk Fabric Options

  • Silk Satin 16mm is the popular choice for most designers due to its lustre and luxurious feel.
  • Silk Twill 14mm has an interesting texture and less lustre than silk satin.
  • Habutai 8mm has a sheer and smooth weave.
  • Silk Chiffon is gentle and sheer.
  • Silk Georgette is sheer and textured.

Silk Scarf Sizes

Please follow the link to view available silk scarf sizes.

We offer both square scarf options and long scarf sizes.

For the Love of Silk – Bring your Silk Scarf Design to Life

Visit our Show Room in Sea Point to discover endless possibilities in creating bespoke cloth and fabric design.

To find out more about creating your own scarf or about designing your own fabric, please contact us.

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