Silk Blends


Why do we blend silk with various natural fibers? 
Which characteristics does silk offer that transforms fabric magically into a luxurious cloth? 

We often ?nd that Silk offers lustre, drape and lightness to a blend but here is some additional information and how the silk adds value to all fabric blends. 


Linen and Silk 


Linen creases easily while silk doesn't. By adding silk to linen, a garment won't crease as readily and will drape better. 


Silk Cotton Twill  


Distinguished by diagonal lines that herald its superior strength & durability, this double weave fabric has a muted luster and supple feel. 

This timeless weave is often the choice for the most beautiful dresses, shirts, pants, and blazers. 

And when twill is made in a silk blend, the result is a fluid drape and skin-soothing feel you'll appreciate all year. 


Silk Bamboo 


A shimmering delight most often seen in sleepwear and blouses, created by spinning the pulp of bamboo canes into rayon threads, which are then blended with silk and woven into a luxe fabric. 

The result is a smooth shine similar to charmeuse, with natural breath-ability and flattering drape. 

Silk Cashmere A blend of what are perhaps the two most luxurious fabrics in the world: pure silk and the fine wool that comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. 

Silk Linen Silk adds softness and drape to structured linen, allowing a a unique, tailored look with a soothing feel. 

Lightweight and washable, this blend is a top choice for warm-weather clothing and vacation wear. 


Silk Nylon Viscose 


Blending natural silk with strong nylon and soft viscose creates a durable yarn with a delicate hand. 

Because of its substantial strength, silk nylon viscose is a perfect medium on which to place intricate embroidery or beading. 

It's also incredibly versatile and can be knit into a variety of weights and textures.


Silk Viscose 


Like modal, viscose is made of tree cellulose (a viscous liquid, hence the name). 

It doesn't wrinkle, and it's blended with over 50% silk for an easy-wear, easy-care fabric with the most flattering drape. 

We've added just a smidgen of spandex and knit it in a 1x1 rib to further enhance its wrinkle resistance and comfort for our travel-perfect separates. 

Silk Wool Adding silk to wool creates a fabric that feels wonderful against your skin - something that’s not a feature of pure wool by itself! 

Discover the smooth warmth & beauty of silk wool sweaters, jackets, socks, and even knee & legwarmers. 




Tencel, also known as lyocell, is a fabric featuring a distinct silky-soft feel and flattering drape-like appearance. 

One of the best attributes of Tencel is that it’s one of the most environmentally-friendly, sustainably sourced fabrics. 

You’ll find several styles - tops, dresses, and bottoms – in this silky-smooth, casual fabric.   

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